WOW Session 1

WOW Session 1, Saturday AM

Session 1 focuses on contours; Learning the terminology for contour features and how to recognise them on the map and in the terrain; learning how to use contour features as handrails for navigation.


-How to handle map, compass, SI card and whistle.
-Short practice/warm-up/ burn off some energy course. 300 m
-Introduction to contours; flagged route with descriptive signs. 800 m
-Short loop following contour features with a few easy to see controls 1.1 km


-Contour only course from hilltop to hilltop. 900 m
-Contour only line O following contour handrails. 2.4 km


-Contour only Line O. 2.1 km
-Contour  only window O. 2.6 km

Lunch time and socialising

The plan is to have lunch on top of a hill in the middle of the field with a good view of a short sprint course around the hill. Hopefully there will be some people with energy to burn who will provide the entertainment for the rest of us. If the weather is not kind we would move to a nearby wood where we can put up tarps for shelter.

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