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The Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club (EOOC) is the only orienteering club in Edmonton. Incorporated in 1979 under the Societies Act, EOOC has a not-for-profit objective and serves a broad-based volunteer membership. The club is governed by a board democratically elected from its members.
EOOC is the one of the largest orienteering clubs in Canada with about 400 members in 2020. The number of members has increased over the past 10 years, reflecting the growing interest in orienteering in the Capital Region. Each year, over 600 people in the Capital Region participate in EOOC events.
Membership benefits include discounts at EOOC events, bulletins and email updates. Memberships may be purchased at any of the club’s events. Membership is not necessary in order to participate. More membership information.

EOOC Volunteer Policy

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