WOW Session 2

WOW Session 2, Saturday PM

This session starts at the Lunch Location in the middle of the field. If you don’t plan to attend Session 1 then come early enough for a 1 km walk to get there.

Session 2 focuses on vegetation; understanding vegetation symbols on the map and how it looks in the terrain; learning how to navigate using vegetation features.


-Introduction to reading the forest; flagged route with descriptive signs. 1.5 km
-Short forest score O with some controls from the flagged route and a few extras. 1.5 km could get them all.


-Forest line O following flagging and either draw in the line on your map or mark contour locations on a map with the line already marked. 1.5 km
-Forest point to point course. 2.4 km


-Forest line O (unflagged) and mark control locations. 2.2 km
-Forest point to point course. 2.4 km

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