Gold Bar Relay Event – 2023

Gold Bar Relay Event Description

Saturday, Oct 21, 2023

Mass Start at Noon

Join us for a fun and beginner-friendly orienteering relay event at Gold Bar Park! The event is free, but we encourage participants to bring a donation for the Edmonton Food Bank. Each course is 2.5km or less, and teams can consist of 1, 2, or 3 members depending on how long of a distance participants wish to cover. Teammates are randomly assigned.

The mass start will be at noon, and the course will close at 2:00PM.

The first participant for each team will start in the mass start at noon. Each team will utilize one (1) SI stick for the event. Once team member 1 finishes their course, they will ‘tag’ team member 2 by handing over the SI stick in the exchange zone. Team member 2 can pick up their map as soon as they have the SI stick for their team. Only the last team member will punch the finish at the end of their last course.

There are three categories: Teams of three, teams of two, and solo teams.

  • Teams of three consist of three different team members who are randomly assigned before the mass start.
  • Teams of two consist of one person who wants to complete two courses and a second team member who is randomly assigned.
  • Solo teams consist of one person who runs all three courses.

** Each course has the option to run back through the relay area after 2 controls. If a team member wants another team member OR ‘non-competing friend’ to participate with them, they can pick up their team member after they punch the first 2 controls. The team member OR ‘non-competing friend’ can then join them for the rest of the course.

*** Participants aged 10 and under can have a parent/guardian shadow them for the complete course.

Here’s a timeline for the event day:

  • 11:00AM – 11:30AM: Check-in onsite.
  • 11:45AM: Teams assigned.
  • Noon: Mass start for team member 1.
  • 2:00PM: Course officially closes.
  • “A ‘Non-Competing Friend’ is a person who is not assigned to a relay team but is interested in participating in a course.
  • The official relay team needs to control the SI/timing stick for the complete course.
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