Bonus Events 2023

Thanksgiving Saturday October 7th
Two short events on the same day.
Event locations both within 1.5km of the intersection of 137Ave / 97 Street

Morning event:
Griesbach Map (revised and newly expanded)

choice of 3 courses:
short – 2 km (no roads to cross)
medium – 2.65 km (road crossings at intersections)
longer – 3.75 km (crossings at intersections)

Starts: from 10:30 to 11:00am
Check back in no later than 12:00 (noon)
Morning location: from 137 Avenue, go north on Pegasus Blvd;
at the T junction turn LEFT,
After about 350m, turn left into the unpaved parking lot in front of the William Griesbach Training Centre.
or park on the street.
Look for our red Subaru.

12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch break. Lots of restaurants/coffee shops (inc McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s) between the two map locations.

Afternoon event:
Glengarry Park (brand new map)
choice of 3 courses (no roads to cross):
short – 2.1 km
medium – 2.4 km
longer – 3.05 km
Starts: 1:00pm to 1:30pm
Check back in no later than 2:30pm
Afternoon location
Return to 137 Avenue and drive EAST.
After passing Northgate Mall and the MacDonald’s, turn right/south onto 93 Street.
At the T junction, turn LEFT.
Follow this road as it goes round a bend and becomes 90th Street.
Turn LEFT at 133 Avenue, then enter the parking lot on your right.

How to do the events
with the MapRun app (event will be posted has been posted)
(Don’t click ‘go to the start’ until you are there. Go to the control locations even if you don’t get a beep.)
by looking for the ribbons at each control location.
(short white ribbons, mostly with the control number written on, some with also a red one;
some may be missing)

time yourself with your watch/phone
-or just go for a nice walk


Mapper and event organizer: Geraint

Both maps drawn using sprint symbols, but to different scales (eg larger scales for shortest courses)
Not all trees will be shown, as they are being planted faster than Geraint can map them.
Warning to families: Glengarry has a really nice playground.

See you Saturday!

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