Alberta Championships 2014

Alberta Championships 2014 and recreational orienteering

This will be a low-key event with good courses with SPORTident timing, but with a punching start and no pre-assigned start times.

There will be appropriate courses for competitive age-based categories for men and women, from 12-and-under to 85 plus.

There will be a couple of Open categories for individuals who want to try an advanced course without going in their age category.

Beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate courses will be available on-the-day for recreational orienteers at discounted fees.

Pairs/groups may enter only on the recreational courses.

On-line registration now open.

Courses, categories and course lengths

Weather Forecast for Edmonton
Weather Forecast for region Smoky Lake is in

Friday July 18 at Coronation Park, City of Edmonton.
Mapped by Meghan Rance 2014, to ISSOM,  1:4,000, 2m contours
N53°33.750, W113°33.590
Driving directions and location map
IMPORTANT: Groat Road from River Valley Road to 107 Avenue will be CLOSED from 19:30 for the weekend.
19:00: check in/register (sign waiver and/or pay)
19:30 – 20:00 starts
Recommended winning time : 15 minutes
Time limit: 45 minutes (but no later than 20:45)
Awards on-site, as early as possible.

(Saturday 10:00 – 12:00:  Smoky Lake Farmers’ Market in the Agriplex, just off Hwy 28 on the north side of town.)

Saturday July 19 at Wahstao, southeast of Smoky Lake
Details:  1:10,000  5m contours, Brian Chubb 1994, with some updates 2005
Terrain: Low rolling sandy hills interspersed with dry, wooded and open marshes, and linked by a network of distinct and indistinct trails. Sandhills covered with pine and poplar forest provide great detail and excellent runnability. There is very little undergrowth and the areas of blow down in general are accurately mapped. Deer, moose and (very rarely) black bears are found in this part of Alberta
Location map and driving directions
12:00 check in/register (sign waiver and/or pay)
13:00 – 14:00  starts
Time limit: 2 hours (but no later than 16:00)
Awards on-site

Sunday July 20:  at White Earth, southeast of Smoky Lake
Map: 1:10,000, 5m contours, Ales & Vendi Hejna 2004
Terrain: similar to that of the Middle distance, above.
Location map and driving directions
9:30:  check-in/register (sign waiver and/or pay)
10:00 – 11:00 starts
Time limit 3 hours (but no later than 15:00)
Awards on-site

Age-based and Open categories:
All three events: adults $50, juniors $25
Sprint:  adults  $15,  juniors $10
Middle:  adults $20,  juniors $10
Long: adults $20,  juniors $10
Recreational courses: $10 per individual/pair/family, each event, including SPORTident timing card and compass & whistle if you don’t have your own (driver’s licence required as deposit).  $5 for an additional map for pair/family going out together.

Motels in Smoky Lake:
Royal Star on Hwy 28, 780 656 4040 (favoured by orienteers)
Smoky Lake Inn (+ bar, liquor store) Wheatland Avenue,  780 656 3615
Sportsmen Inn on Hwy 28, 780 656 3515
See also Smoky Lake business directory
Smoky Lake campground, next to the Agriplex, just off Hwy28, 12 RV sites with hook-ups, lots of area for camping.  Coin-operated showers. First come, first served.
Bellis Beach Lake Campground is east of the maps, along Hwy 28, then south on RR152.
Metis Crossing Campground is east off SH 855, just north of the bridge over the North Saskatchewan.  Showers.
Hanmore Lake Campround is about 20km north of Smoky Lake off SH855.

The Red Chimney Restaurant, adjacent to the Sportmen Inn, is favoured by orienteers.
Smoky Lake also has a gas station and supermarket on Hwy 28, bakery in the town.

Organizers:  Robert Gilchrist, Greg Yarkie, Chris Sigvaldason and Angela Pearson.
For more information, contact Marilyn or by phone 780 455 1916

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