AOC courses 2014

Here are the anticipated courses and course lengths for the Alberta Championships and recreational courses.
The organizers reserve the right to combine categories and courses.

Course    Categories                                                           Middle (km)    Long (km)

1    M-10, W-10, Rec 1
2   W-12, M-12, Rec 2
3    W13/14, M13/14, Rec 3
4    W15/16, M15/16, Rec 4
5    W75+, W80+, W85+, W90+, M75+, M80+, M85+, M90+, Open 5
6    W17-18, W45+,  W55+, M65+,   Open 6
7   M17-20, W19-20+, W21+, W35+,  M45+, M55+
8   M19/20, M21+, M35+


Course    Categories                                                              Sprint (km/controls)

1   M10- W10-, Rec 1
2   M-12, W-12,  W13/14. M13/14, Rec 2
3   M/W75+, M/W80+, M/W85+, M/W90+, Rec3
4    M55+, W45+, W55+, W65+, Open4
5    M 15/16, W15/16, W35+, W21+, W17-18, W19-20, M55+, Open5
6    M45+, M35+, M21+, M17-18, M19-20,

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