AOC 2021 courses

AOC 2021 Courses

CourseClassesMiddle kmClimb mScaleLong kmClimb mScale
1M-10, W-10, Rec 12.1501:7,5002.61001:7,500
2W-12, M-12, Rec 22.1501:7,5003.3901:10,000
3W13/14, M13/14, Rec 32.3701:10,0003.51451:10,000
4W15/16, M15/16, Rec 42.6651:10,0005.41551:10,000
5W75+, W80+, W85+, M75+, M80+, M85+, Open 52.4551:7,5003.2951:10,000
6W17-18, W45+, W55+, W65+, M65+,   Open 63.61001:7,5004.91451:10,000
7M17-18, W19-20+, W21+, W35+,  M45+, M55+3.91001:10,0008.22101:10,000
8M19/20, M21+, M35+5.01201:10,00011.22401:10,000

Orienteering Canada course and class guidelines for Canada Cup and Championship events

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