Thanksgiving Score-O 2021

Thanksgiving Monday Score O

Monday October 11, 2021 on the Blackfoot map, independent style.

COVID -19 protocols:
Health Declaration Form required for each person, including children.
Participants need to be self-sufficient – plenty of water, snacks, a fully-charged cell-phone, small first-aid kit.
You must carry a whistle and something to tell the time. Compass.
No fee.
You can also do this as a family or with a buddy (as long as you are all/both members)

Printed maps, tabloid size, will be available for pick-up on-site from 10:00 to 10:30am for those who indicate that they are planning to come. [Because of the size of the area, the map on the app will be very pixelated.]
Ribbons will be hung at the closest controls, so that beginners and families are certain to find some controls (even without the app).

This will be a score orienteering event (go to as many controls as you can within the chosen time limit of 3 hours or 6 hours) using the MapRun app.
Controls will be in (or very close to) Fields 7 B & C, and Field 6. The further away or more difficult to find are worth more points, indicated on the map. You lose 30 points for each minute overtime.

The terrain:
This year, the grass is short (thank you, cows) and marshes are dry.

Location: 20km east of Sherwood Park
Easiest route is east along the Yellowhead Hwy to the Elk Island National Park flag pole and a sign to Cooking Lake/ Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, then south down RR 210 for about 7km. Turn left into the Cooking Lake / Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, Waskahegan Staging Area parking lot. Permanent outhouses and a shelter. Look for the red Subaru Forester.

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