Bonus event 2021

Bonus event – Saturday September 11, 2021 in Griesbach Central Park. This event is so that some volunteers can practice the 3-line start and the finish procedures for the Alberta Championships. Many courses will be very short (700m), so that you can do several. Enter the park where Gault Blvd meets Sir Arthur Currie Way, take the informal path between the two hills and then curve to your right.

Arrive at 10:15am.

Here’s how it will work:
Check-in and hand in your completed Declaration of Health form.
You will be given an envelope with
-your pseudonym,
-the time ‘whoever-you-are’ is starting and
-which course ‘whoever-you-are’ is doing (all very short).
In the envelope will be an SI (electronic timing) card ‘whoever-you-are’ is to use for this course.
Do NOT bring your own SI card. If you have never used an SI card find out how here.

You will be told where the beginning of the start is.

Clear and check the SI card just before you get to the start.

The clock at the first start line is set 3 minutes fast.
As soon as the time at the start is the same as the one on your envelope, approach the first start crew who will check that your SI number matches the one on their list and that you have already punched the clear and check, and let you into the first box.
When the beeper goes again, move into the second box to pick up your control description to match the course you will be doing. There will be one printed on the map too.
When the beeper goes again, move into the third box and identify the tray with the map you are going to take for the course ‘you’ are doing. When the next beeper sounds (when it really will be the time on your envelope!) pick up your map and GO. Your time has started

Follow the pin flags to the start control, which will be out of sight of where you picked up your map. There is NO SI unit at the start control.
Orient your map and go to #1 and punch it. then to #2 and so on.
When you have punched the finish control, go to the download station.
The crew will indicate when you should punch the download unit and then tell you whether you were successful or not.

For this event, HAND IN YOUR SI CARD and your envelope.

Return to check-in to get another envelope. Make sure it has a different course number.


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