Goat 2019

Forest event at Redwater Natural Area,
including a Goat course

[update] September 28, course lengths added. Wear warm clothes and bring extra clothes for afterwards – especially socks

There are courses for all abilities, as well as a Goat which is an extra long course. AB Compass Series categories are listed at the bottom of the page.
If you are considering doing the Full Goat (about 11.5km) or Half Goat (about 5.5km) please let us know here and pay on the day.

Important: Registration/starts for most courses is from 11:05am until 1:00pm (but earlier for Goat and half Goat, which have a mass start).

Date: Saturday September 28, 2019

Location: Redwater Natural Area 53.9302 -112.9511

 Courses: various, including:
– an easy course (Techical Difficulty 1/2) suitable for beginners/families; controls on or very close to trails (2.6km)
– intermediate course (TD 3), controls on prominent features (eg knolls, depressions, pits) next to or close to line features, with perhaps catching features. Simple compass work (such as orienting the map with a compass or taking a rough bearing) (about 3.9km as the crow flies)
– a short advanced course (4.4km as the crow flies)
– long advanced course (6.0km)
– and a Goat course. A Goat is a mass-start extra-long orienteering course (this one is about 11.5km). It begins with 4 controls which can be taken in any order, followed by a regular point-to-point course, except that participants may skip one (or two) controls. The course is designed so that most controls have a trail or other catching feature in case inexperienced runners should get lost – but the fastest routes are technical ones. This year’s Goat is approximately 11.5 km long with a map-exchange mid way. Those who finish the full Goat within the time limit win a Goat mug. Goat Rules.

Note: there is a higher per-person fee for the Goat than regular courses. The Goat and half Goat start earlier than the other courses.

Terrain: subtle sand-hills with lots of winding sandy trails (which make good handrails, but are difficult to run along); lots of marshes in low-lying areas are fairly dry this year.

Timetable (provisional):
10:30am registration opens for the GOAT and Half Goat
10:45am Goat and half Goat participants assemble for last minute instructions
11:00am Mass start for Goat and Half Goat
11:05am – 1:00pm registration and starts for regular courses.
2:00pm cut off for map exchange for Goat participants.
3:00pm deadline for winning a Goat mug.
4:00pm course closing; all participants on all courses must check in by this time, finished or not.

Note: fees for the Goat are per person, and higher than for other courses
Goat Fees:
$20 per person for Full Goat
$10 per person orienteering club annual member for Half Goat
$15 per person member for a day for Half Goat
Regular courses fees:
$10 annual member individual/couple/family.  Fee includes a map, rental of SPORTident timing card*, rental of compass* and whistle if you don’t have your own.
$15 member(s) for a day individual/couple/family.  Fee includes a map, rental of SPORTident timing card*, rental of compass* and whistle if you don’t have your own.
$5 per additional map for couples/families going out together.
*Driver’s license required as deposit for rentals.

From North Edmonton: take Hwy 28 north to the Redwater turn-off. After the realignment bend, drive straight i.e. due EAST, for approx 13km.  The road changes from paved to gravel, and the road number changes TWICE!  Just drive straight. At RR 205, turn right/south and follow the orienteering signs. Registration will be on the EAST side of RR205, about half way between Twp 574 and Victoria Trail. 53.9302 -112.9511

From East Edmonton: the event site can be reached via Ft Saskatchewan on Hwy 15 or Hwy 21. Take SR 830 north. At the end of SH 830 turn left onto Hwy 38. 1.8km west of of the Vinca Bridge turn right onto Victoria Trail then turn north at Range Road 205 for approx 2.7 kilometres.
NB for this event, registration/starts will be on the EAST side of RR205, about half way between Victoria Trail and Twp 574. 53.9302 -112.9511


Officials: Course planner: Greg Yarkie Level O300 certified official

More Information:   Greg  780-977-1175 <gyarkie1 (at) gmail (dot) com>
or Marilyn 780-455-1916  <eooc (at) shaw (dot) ca>

AB Compass Series options:
Note: most age categories have a choice of courses
Beginner/Novice: F/M 12 & under, F/M 13 & over
Intermediate: F/M 12 & under, F/M 13 & over
Short advanced: F/M 13-14,  F/M 15-16, F/M 17-20, F/M 21+, F/M 35+, F/M 45+, F/M 55+, F/M 65+, F/M 75+
Long advanced: do the second half of the Goat following the Goat rules, F/M 15-16, F/M 17-20, F/M elite, F/M 35+, F/M 45+, F/M 55+, F/M 65+, F/M 75+* .
Anyone doing the Full Goat will be able to calculate their time as there is a regular punch at the map exchange.

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