Goat Rules

Rules for Goat and Half Goat 2019

The event will be a mass start at 11 am , with map pick up at start time.

All participants must carry a whistle and something to tell the time. A light weight windbreaker would be a good idea. Water will be available on the course at locations marked on the map by a cup symbol, but it is advisable to carry your own water and snacks.

The course will be the same for both the Full and Half Goat on the first map. The second map for the Full Goat will be given out at the map exchange at the end of the first loop. Following is permitted – at your own peril. Controls 1, 2, 3, & 4 will be in a box drawn on the map. Participants must punch all of these in any order they choose.

All other controls must be punched in numerical order, with the exception that one control from each map may be skipped. Women may skip 2 controls on each map (for a total of 4 skipped for the full goat or 2 for the half goat). Skipped controls may not be done consecutively.

Half Goat closes at 2 pm.

IMPORTANT SPORTident NOTE for full Goat participants: when you finish the first loop, do NOT punch the finish control. Instead, punch the control next to the map exchange; then pick up your second map. It is your responsibility to make sure you pick up a second loop map and not someone else’s used first loop. TAKE CARE crossing the road.
Full Goat participants who reach the map exchange after 2 pm will not be given their second map and should punch the finish control and report to the download station. 

Participants who complete the Full Goat by 3 pm will be awarded a ‘Goat’ mug.

Full Goat and Half Goat will finish close to the registration area.

Full Goat course closes at 4 pm. Everyone must report back in by this time, finished or not!

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