Wednesday city park events 2021

The club is planning a series of Wednesday city park events, beginning on July 21 (and ending when we run out of daylight!)
Events will be for 2021 EOOC MEMBERS only.

Everyone will have to sign up on-line to choose a start window, usually from 6:15 to 7:15 (earlier in September) and which course they want to do.
NO on-the-day registration. NO drop-in
There is NO FEE, but each time, each participant (including minors and volunteers) will need to take to the event a copy of Orienteering Canada’s Health Declaration form, filled in and dated the day of the event.

On-the-day, turn up at registration during your start window.
Show your completed Declaration of Health form to the registrar. When they have acknowledged it, drop it into the box. The registrar will give give you your map.

Then go to the Start/finish volunteer. They will collect your name and note what time you started.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CHECK BACK IN BY 9PM, finished or not. We DO search.

Bring Your Own water, snacks, map bag (if you like to have one), and something to tell the time. ?sunscreen ?bug spray.

Courses: Usual courses will be
– a short/easy about 3km
– medium about 4km
-long about 6km.
There will be ribbons hanging at each location (no need to touch them, no answers to collect).

More info:
Location and details, plus a link to register, will be emailed to all members about 6 days before each event.

Beginner instruction will be available (sign up for it on the registration page, and choose an early start window if you can).

Foot notes:
OC’s Declaration of Health form can also be downloaded from the Home page or Events page of the club website.
Map bags: Large Slide Seal freezer bags from Dollarama work quite well without the need for tape.
On-line registration will not be on Zone4’s public list, so save the link.
Families: you do not need to register small children separately (they can be added to an adult’s page)

Buy/renew your membership:

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