Camp FAQ

Skill Camp FAQs

Do you need to have an orienteering club membership?

  • To attend the camp you must be a member of an orienteering club. If you are not already a member, there is a link to purchase a membership in EOOC or FWOC on the Zone4 registration page.

Can I register a minor to attend without a chaperone?  

  • Minors can attend sessions without a shadow/chaperone; to stay at the camp minors 16 & under do require a chaperone.

I can’t make the Skills Camp, will the Danish coaches be available other days?

  • Our only opportunity to learn with Astrid & Jeppe, the Danish Coaches, is during this weekend camp.

I am an adult, can I bring alcohol?

  • We are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages at this venue.

How do I know which location my session will be at (Blackfoot or Redwater)?

  • On Saturday, location will be dependent on skill level.   Blackfoot will be used for beginner activities, Redwater will be used for intermediate and advanced activities.
  • On Sunday all participants will be at Blackfoot for the sessions as well as the afternoon B event.

Is there a schedule for the weekend?

Will child minding be available?

  • No, children of all ages are welcome to participate.  Children 10 years of age and older can participate without a shadow/on their own.  Children under 5 can tag along with their parent.

I am attending the camp with my child.  My child is a beginner; I would like to take the intermediate training.  Are we allowed to split up and attend sessions in different areas?

  • If your child is 10 years or older, yes you may.

I have a child under 5 participating with me, do I need to register them for sleeping space?

  • Yes.

I have more questions. Whom do I ask?

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