Bruderheim 2022

Thanksgiving Monday October 10, 2022

Forest orienteering event near Bruderheim

Weather forecast

Latest information: Bow hunting season has begun. The organizers have not seen much evidence of large animals, but it might be a good idea to wear bright colours. Weather forecast is for unseasonably warm, so bring water to carry on the course. Come early to get a spot in the staging area, as parking is not permitted on the road.
Map: Bruderheim 1:7,500; 2.5m contours;
Made from LiDAR data; mapping by Geraint Edmunds 2022, with assistance from Greg, Einar and Stefan.
Location: 7 km straight north of the 4 way stop in Bruderheim on RR204 . (40 minutes from NE Anthony Henday).
Registration: on line here until Friday October 7th (at discounted fees), and on-site from 11:00am until 1:00pm on-the-day (beginner instruction available at the same time)
Parking : Close to the Finish just west of the road. Parking is NOT allowed on the road.

Starts:  11:00 am until 1:00pm with an 800 m walk from the parking area.
Courses close: 3:30 pm – everyone must check back in by this time

Courses (lengths are approximate):
1. Beginner: controls on paths, 2.6km
2. Novice: controls within 20 – 30m of trails, 3.2km
3. Intermediate:  3.1km  12 controls
4. Advanced: 4.5km technically difficult
5. Advanced: 5.6 km technically difficult

Terrain:  Sandhills with many quad and motorcycle trails. The southern half of the map is largely open with lots of contour detail. As a result of forest fires, there are remnants of pine forest and patches of young aspen saplings. The North half of the map has less contour detail and more forest cover, much of it quite thick; a mix of aspen, pine and spruce. The lower lying areas have swamp vegetation, but this swamps are generally dry.

Entry Fees:

Registration on the day on site $20 per map, which may be shared by a family/small group. $5 per additional map for groups
Solo juniors $10.00
Fee includes SPORTident electronic timing card rental, plus, if necessary, rental of compass and whistle.(Deposit of driver’s permit required for rentals
Save money by pre-registering on line here

Event Director: Geraint Edmunds, O300 official

More Information: contact Marilyn eooc <at> shaw <dot> ca

What to bring:
Whistle compulsory – any kind will do. A group needs only one between them.
Watch/ time piece strongly advised, to remind you of the 3:30pm closing time.
Be prepared for any weather – jacket and warm underwear if it’s cool; hat and sun-screen if it’s sunny. Long pants recommended. Dry socks to change into. Water and cookies provided, but take your own water out on the course.

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