Beyond the Basics – 2018

NEW orienteering program!
Orienteering Beyond the Basics a.k.a BKRW2 (Big Kids Run Wild Too)
– but you don’t have to run!

UPDATE: sample of some of the Saturday exercises
rough compass, terrain recognition, distance judgement
catching features, attack points
mostly contours
contours, contouring
precise map reading, relocation

EOOC is offering a spring series for club members, geared towards beginner/intermediate adults and our more-advanced juniors.
The program is open to all fitness levels.  We will focus on skills; the speed you go is up to you.
Pre-registration is required for this program. REGISTER on Zone 4
This series is separate from our regular Wednesday evening drop-in events.

Skills that you will learn or improve:
– Map handling, folding, thumbing, orienting the map with the terrain.
– Rough compass, precise compass, safety bearing.
– Terrain recognition, reading contours and vegetation, water features, etc.
– Route choice, attack points, catching features, map simplification.
– Executing chosen routes, linear features, contour navigation, aiming off, precise map reading.
– Relocation strategies using memory, map and compass.

The series starts the the first week of April (several weeks before the Wednesday events).
You choose your Commitment:
– 7 Saturday sessions* plus 8 Tuesday** evening sessions OR
– 7 Saturday sessions* plus 8 Thursday** evening sessions OR
Just the 7 Saturday sessions*.
*  Saturday afternoon sessions for the first 3 Saturdays in the city; time commitment for the subsequent Saturdays out of town may be as much as most of the day.
** choice of late afternoon or evening sessions on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

A 2018 EOOC membership is required to register for this program.

7 Saturdays PLUS
8 Tuesday OR 8 Thursday sessions
$100 per adult (18 or older).
This for 15 sessions total!

Saturdays only:
$60 per adult
This for 7 sessions total!

Learn on your own or with your family; each adult registration in BKRW2 includes one free registration for a 17-or-under junior in either BKRW2 or in the regular Kids Run Wild  program.
Additional juniors cost $70.

REGISTER on Zone 4

More details:
Weekday sessions will be in city parks with beginner and more advanced skill development activities co-located with our Kids Run Wild sessions.
Tuesdays at Hawrelak and Whitemud parks
Thursdays at Gold Bar and Rundle parks.

Saturday sessions #1, #2, #3 (afternoons in the city)
One at Coronation Park and the other two at Terwillegar Park will be in the afternoon and will focus on building skills needed to give confidence when orienteering outside the city.  (Terwillegar is our most forest-like city map).

Saturday sessions #4, #5 (most of the day)
The next two Saturday sessions providing pre-, post- and on-course coaching will be at forest orienteering events in central Alberta.

Saturday sessions #6, #7 (extended afternoon)
The final two Saturday sessions will be at Provincial Natural Areas near Edmonton with activities to learn and practice specific skills.

At the end of the 8th week we would encourage you to participate in the AOA skill development camp to be held near Calgary (not included in the BKRW2 registration fee).

Questions? contact  eooc AT shaw DOT ca

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