Help file for jigsaws

Help file for jigsaws

Getting started
Click on the link. The url will be a very long one when it opens.
All the puzzle pieces will appear.
In the centre of the puzzle, there are 5 icons:
-click on the grid icon to change the number of puzzle pieces.
-the swirl icon will make the the puzzle pieces rotatable. (extra challenge!)
-the pallet icon allows you to change the background colour.
-the two people icon will allow you to share the puzzle by setting up a new url, which you can then share.
Press OK to start.

Change the settings
Click on the menu bars, top left.
Clicking on modify the puzzle will reinstate the icons in the middle.
You may not be able to change the number of pieces once you have started.
There are 3 more icons above the puzzle
Clicking the centre icon will show just the edge pieces. [Click again to undo.]
The rest of the puzzle will reappear once the edge is complete.
Click the 2 mountains on the right to see the “box top” or to be told it’s a secret. If it IS a secret, you will probably be unable to change the number of pieces.
Top right of the puzzle is a timer, showing you how long you have been playing. Tap the timer to pause it.
There is also a full screen icon.
And a help button.

Doing the puzzle
NB The puzzle is easier using a desktop or laptop.
Moving the pieces depends on your device and whether you have a mouse or touch screen or not.
Pieces click into place (and cannot be removed once they are in).
If you are close, you will get an indication of that.
Collect pieces together by clicking/tapping on the hand icon at the top of the screen, then clicking/tapping on the ones you want (or swiping over them). When you have chosen all you want, click/tap (or swipe) in an empty space.
To enlarge the pieces, use Windows Ease of Access magnifier.
Pieces can be rotated with either the mouse scroll wheel or by using the left and right arrow keys. Pieces can rotated on a touch screen by selecting a piece with a tap and then continuing to tap the selected piece to rotate it.
The puzzle autosaves if you close it, and reappears when you open it again.
If you do want to delete it, delete the cookies on your device, then click the link to start again.

More hints for doing a shared puzzle
Some of the regular features cannot be changed.
More than one person can be working on the puzzle at the same time.
If you go to move a piece that someone else is using, it will give you a message. Don’t get spooked by pieces whizzing across the screen.
If the puzzle is a map, remember: –
– green undergrowth lines go vertically
– blue marsh lines (solid or dashed) go horizontally
– magnetic north lines (black or blue) run parallel to the sides of the map.
– some mapping symbols are oriented to north, such as: small towers, small depressions and pits (but not caves/outlets),
– control numbers and nearly all words are oriented to north.
Etiquette: Try not to mess up someone else’s sorted piles!

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Warning: these jigsaws can be addictive

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