Jigsaw puzzles

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Jigsaw #7 orienteering map of Astotin Lake, Elk Island Park, that you might visit this summer. Set at 310 pieces (which you can change to make it easier) non-rotating (which you can change to make it harder). Legend for the map.

Jigsaw #6 A revised map of Coronation Park, set at 250 non-rotating pieces, but you can change those criteria.

Jigsaw #5A Griesbach scatter
Jigsaw #5B Griesbach medium point-to-point
You choose how many pieces and whether to rotate them.

Jigsaw #4 Hermitage Park will be a nice place to explore now that the weather is warming up. You can print a copy when you have completed the jigsaw. You decide number of pieces and whether to have pieces that will rotate.

Jigsaw #3 You choose the number of pieces and whether they need to rotate. This map needs updating – can you see which new feature is missing?

Jigsaw #2 This puzzle is a mystery one (no box top view) of one of the club’s city park orienteering maps. It’s about 200 pieces. How soon will you be able to tell which one it is?

If jigsaws are not your thing, the 100 puzzles and challenges published by the Scottish Orienteering Association are still available. (mazes, sudokus, nonograms, hidden pictures, word searches, logic puzzles, etc.)

Jigsaw #1 These first jigsaws are all the same picture but different numbers of pieces. Try a few different ones to see which is the most fun for you.

This version has about 100 pieces: https://jigex.com/TgRN

This version has about 150 pieces: https://jigex.com/j7kj

This version has about 250 pieces: https://jigex.com/U4JR

This version has about 400 pieces: https://jigex.com/4ScZ

This version has about 650 pieces: https://jigex.com/2xYY

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