Which course to choose

Recreational Categories

Recreational categories are often described by their Technical Difficulty ( T.D.)
They are suitable for individuals, families or small groups.
TD1 (Beginner) is the easiest course and is suitable for absolute beginners, families, and kids ten and under going out on their own. The entire course will follow line features such as paths, roads, tracks (sometimes walls or fences). There will be a control any time there is a junction of line features, with the control hung a few metres away to lead participants onto the correct line feature. Controls close together.
TD2 (Novice) suitable for those with a little experience. Controls on distinct line features, including no more than two junctions to negotiate between consecutive controls. Controls can be on raised point features such as a boulder, a knoll, close to a line feature. Controls close together.
TD3 (Intermediate) Controls may be on prominent point features, such as pits, depressions, as well as knolls and boulders. Controls that are not on a line feature usually have ‘catching line features’ beyond the control. Skills needed might include: following ridges, valleys, simple compass work, such as following a rough compass directions (but NOT accurate bearings, nor compass and pacing).

Age-Based Categories

Age is determined by how old you are on December 31 of the current year.  In Canada ‘master’ age categories increase in 10 year intervals: 35+,  45+, and so on (shorter intervals from 75+)
M= men;  W or F = women.
Women may compete in men’s categories (OC rule 6.1.1).

M35+ is for men 35 and older; so a 47 year old could compete in this category if they wished.
W55+ is for women 55 and older; so a woman who is, say, a very fit 68 might want to compete in this category.
W21+ is for women 21 and older.
M21+ is for men 21 and older.
Women may compete in men’s categories (OC rule 6.1.1).

M or W 10- is for juniors 10 and under (by the end of the current year)
M or W 12- is for juniors 12 and under (by the end of the current year)
M or W 13/14 is for juniors 13 or 14 (by the end of the current year)
M or W 15/16 is for juniors 15 or 16 (by the end of the current year)
M or W 17-20 is for juniors 17 to 20 (by the end of the current year)
Juniors may complete in one level higher than their age.  Juniors under 16 must have formal permission from the Event Director or the Controller to run in more than one higher age category.(OC rule 6.1.3)

Open Categories

These are usually offered on a few of the advanced courses, to allow individuals to compete on a course shorter than their age category. Medals/awards are NOT given for open or recreational categories.

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