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Hints for Start/Finish Crew at Wednesday Park Events

Unlike forest events where timing is done to compare elapsed times, at park events timing is for:
– knowing how long competitors have been out on the course (especially if they are late back)
– avoiding starting participants too close together.

Start/finish person should have a place 15 – 20 m from the registration area and STAY PUT.
Even if the personnel changes, the location must not.
Put the key box close to the start box.

From the start/finish box, use the clipboard(s) and start/finish sheets of a different colour for each course.
White is good for the medium as more people go out on that course.
– There are 2 columns per page = 20 entries per page.
– Number the squares S1, S2, S3 etc for the short course, M1, M2 etc for the medium and so on.
(There is a different sheet for a score ‘0’ in the hanging file, in the event box)

When participants are ready to start:
Remind participants that they must report back to the finish by course closing time (often 9pm and usually printed on the map), even if they do not complete the course.
Write first & last names of everyone, keeping those who are going out together in the same box.
Write the number of the square on their map (or get them to remember it).
Write the time they start – approximate time is good enough.
There is no need to make participants wait until the exact minute unless they would be too close to the previous participants on the same course (Use discretion at a busy event).

If you have time:
– make sure they have a map
– remind them what they are looking for (eg red and blue ribbons),
– remind them of course closing time.

When participants return:
ask for their number
read back their names to them, to double check they remembered the correct number.
– tick the ‘back’ box.
No need to write the return time; competitive club members will time themselves and may list their times on the City Cup Board.

Direct participants to the cookies etc.

The event director will take over from you at about 7:30, so that you may register and go out on a course yourself.
Thanks for volunteering.

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