Route Gadget for independents

Route Gadget for independent courses

First go to

Click on events by club. (if necessary, close events by date list), scroll down, down, down, to EOOC, then 2020 or 2021 or 2022.

You will get a list of most of our events held so far.
Click on the one you are interested in.
The map appears.

Option 1 –
On right hand panel:
From the choose class/course drop down menu, pick the one with a number in brackets (that number is how many people are listed)
Their names appear.
Pick your name.
Click Load animation.
Click Start.
You will see where you went. You will be able to identify where you lost time, went the wrong way etc.
Click stop.
Deselect all.

Option 2 –
Pick two names, load animation. Start. Legend of who is who top right.
You will see the different route choices.
Deselect all.
(Do not try to watch too many at once!)

Option 3, 4, 5 etc.
Instead of mass start, use drop down to start from any other control.

You can speed up or slow down the animation, or pause.

Option whatever
Choose names, then click on View Routes. A chance to see who went different way. Perhaps you can see a better route for one particular leg. Bear in mind that some people’s phones are not as accurate as others. (Honestly, I did NOT climb over the roof of the Science Centre!)

It’s all about YOUR Route Choice. – shortest? best attack point? foolproof? good runner’s choice?

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