Oskahtak 2013 Results

June 22 & 23, 2013.  Same courses both day – results combined.

Weather: low 20s; thunderstorm in the middle of the Saturday event, and after the finish of the Sunday event.
Course Planner/Event Director: Greg Yarkie OC Certified Level 300 official

Helpers:  Peter G (timing), Marilyn (registration, website, flyer), Einar (putting out controls), Tom D (control pick-up), Mary-Lou (control pick-up, map preparation), Kim (map printing), Geraint (results, control pick-up, ED temp), Garry (putting out ribbons, controls), Tom J (site take down).

The number 2 after someone’s name indicates it was their second time out.  If they went on the same course a second time, they are listed at the bottom as ‘nc’ (non-competitive).  Some of them knocked a lot of minutes off their Saturday time!

Splits:   Oskahtak13

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