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Photo puzzle
Can you match the photos to the map of the course in this puzzle?


What to do:
There are two ways to work out this puzzle:
eg go to control #6. It’s a man-made feature surrounded by trees; look for a photo to match that.
eg look at photo R. The control flag is next to a doorway into a fairly large building; look for that control on the map.
Warning there are some photos of controls that are NOT on the course!

HINTS: olive green areas are out-of-bounds, such as flower beds (red lined areas are temporarily out of bounds, such as construction sites);
dark green are thick vegetation (too thick to get through);
green dots and green circles are trees.

NO PEEKING at the answers until you have done your best tries!

Improve your skills:
This map was drawn to International Sprint Specifications, 2007 version. If you need to brush up on what the colours and symbols mean, go to the ISSOM 2007 link about 3 lists down this IOF mapping page. You’ll find most of what you need on Pages 9 to 23.

Thanks to Bill Anderson (OOC, for making this puzzle), and to the Calgary club for devising the orienteering course.

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