O pastime1

O Pastime1

Even though we cannot go outside orienteering right now, you can learn a lot about orienteering by looking at maps with courses

This is a sprint course that a few members were able to do recently in Vancouver.
The scale for sprint maps is usually 1:4,000 or 1:5,000. Sprint courses are quite short, with the fastest person able to complete it in about 15 minutes. Lots of controls and lots of changes of directions.

IMPORTANT: for maps to Sprint standards, orienteers are not allowed to cross:
– olive green areas (flower beds etc)
– water (ponds etc) unless there’s designated crossing place
– the purple hatched areas
– dark green areas (like the one between 3 and 4.)
– high fences (drawn with a thick line)

Start at the start triangle. See how many different routes you can find to control 1. Which might be the shortest? the most fool-proof? which would you choose?
Do the same for the other legs. Note: that when you get to C4 and C5 there’s an enlarged map to the left. This part was really fun!
You will sometimes go back to controls you have been to before

If you able to print off a copy of the map, you can keep orienting the map as you go.
Extra, extra challenge: do it while running on the spot (physical distancing from the furniture!)

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