More with independent orienteering

More ideas of things to do with independent courses:

Golf score: Choose a short-easy course that you have not yet done. Score by counting each time you have to look at your paper map. Like golf, the lower the score the better. Can you do a hole-in-one? for every leg?
Skill used: map simplification (improving this skill will save you time when you are orienteering)

Try the C.A.R system:
As you leave the previous control:
C – identify the Control location from the control description
A – choose an Attack point (a larger feature nearby which is will be easier to find – hill? path junction?)
R – choose a Route to the attack point
Always good to have a plan!

Scatter courses: use the controls available to make up your own course.
e.g a 3km course with as much climb as possible
skill used: improve physical stamina
e.g. a 3km course with as many changes of direction as possible
good practice for sprint courses
e.g. a course with long legs to give route choice
e.g. plan a course for an orienteering buddy (and perhaps they will do one for you) Decide together on length

Score Courses:
Plan a route that will get you the maximum points (perhaps even with deductions). Do it again with as many different controls as possible.

Point-to-point courses:
Do a course again using different route choices.
Do a course again to improve your time.
Do one over and over again until you can feel how fast you can orienteer if you improve your skills (elite orienteers do this!)

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