How to do registration at park events

How to do registration at park events

  • We need every person who is going out orienteering listed once – but only once.
  • If someone has an O-Pass, they do not get listed on the registration sheet.
  • If someone has signed a waiver, they do not get listed on the registration sheet, either.


O-Pass members:

  • Anyone who has an O Pass, signs in the O Pass book and tells you which map they want.
  • Do NOT list O Pass holders on the registration sheet.
  • If O-Pass holders want to buy more maps than their O-pass entitles them to, list it on the registration sheet as ‘map sale’ but without their name.

For all other members, use the registration sheet.

  • Write each member’s full name on a separate line.
  • Be sure to include all children, each on a separate line. (You may have to ask if they have brought member children with them).
  • You may guess whether they are adults, children or teens. Use brackets to hold families together.
  • Do NOT list non-members on the form.  One exception – see below.
  • Collect the fee of $5 per map.   Maps may be shared.
  • Write how much they paid.  Use the final column for such things as “plus $5 owed from last week”.
  • Find out which course they want by saying “Medium?”, unless they have small children with them, in which case, say “Short/easy?”.  Anyone who wants something else will say so!
  • Hand them their map and – IMPORTANT – ****direct them to the start official****. +


  • A separate recreational waiver must be filled in, read and signed by each adult each time they come orienteering. In the case of a family/ household, only one form is needed. This has to be done every time – we need their information in case they do not report to the finish.
  • Check that they have completed the form in full.
  • Collect the fee of  $10 per map if they are buying one.   An additional map for a couple or family going out on the same course together is $5. Write how much they paid close to their signature. No need to write anything if they do not pay.
  • Collect waivers face down on a clip board.
  • Find out which course they want by saying “Medium?”, unless they have small children with them, in which case, say “Short/easy?”.
  • Hand them their map.
  • Ask if they need a beginners clinic.  If they do, direct them to an available experienced orienteer.
  • IMPORTANT: **Direct them to the start/finish official**.


  • Minors without their own parents: list these on the members registration sheet (as there is nowhere else to put them!)
  • Groups of minors:  there is a special registration sheet for organized youth groups (Scouts, Guides, Cadets etc).  These forms are in the hanging folder in the event box.  Have the leader complete the form and bring it back to you.  Fees are charged depending on whether they are members of the club or not (most often not).

Groups of adults or families can use the regular waivers.

  • Members of other Orienteering Clubs: Anyone who is a member of any national orienteering federation gets member discount for their map, but must complete a waiver.
  • Permanent Special Deal: – applies only to members who request it:

“Any member who brings someone who has never orienteered with an orienteering club before, gets a free entry for themselves and the newbie”

At 7:30pm, you can register yourself and go out on a course.  Thanks for volunteering.

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