E.O.O.C. City Cup — Rules 

Counting Events. All point-to-point Wed. night events (not score-Os, pick-your-owns, poker-O, etc.). Long and Medium Courses. Remember that standard orienteering rules apply (e.g., controls must be taken in the numbered order, no following others, etc.).
Groups. If orienteering in a group (e.g. couples, families, adventure racing teams), only one person may enter a time, and that person must be the primary mapreader to enter a time. Orienteering is a map-reading sport, so you must be doing that (not just running, or following) to enter the City Cup.
Control-Taking. The City Cup is a competitive-development training initiative, so participants should not write down answers (just check the control code [honour system] and touch the ribbon).
If you do write down answers, fine, but do not deduct time for doing so. The idea is to closely mimic forest orienteering, and control flow is part of the process.
Recording Times. Record your own time, to the second (don’t rely on the starter’s timing). When recording your time, please enter minutes and seconds, your age and experience (include for each event), and ensure that the course length is recorded on the sheet.
Honour System. Honour system (for finding all controls, for timing, for primary map reader, etc.).
Results and Points. Time multiplied by age handicap.
– Top 10 handicap times awarded points, men and women, medium and long.
– All entries awarded at least a participation point.
– Organizer(s) awarded 8 points.
NB: If you ran and won the long course one week and then the medium the next, your 10 points would be placed on the long the first week and on the medium the next–there is no system for adjusting the results to a common course.
Prizes. Medals for Medium and for Long, Men & Women.

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