Casino FAQs

Why do we work a casino?

Under Alberta ‘Charitable gaming’ laws, regular professional Casinos must cooperate with non-profit organizations, such as ours, to provide public gambling. The funds that we receive from this will support our youth programs over the next two years! These casino events keep our program fees as low as possible for our families, schools and communities. The funds also pay for mapping and new maps.

When is the Casino?

The EOOC’s biennial fundraiser casino will be on Thursday and Friday October 6 & 7, 2022 – that’s the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.

At which Casino?

The Starlight Casino in West Edmonton Mall (on 90 Avenue, upper level)

Who can volunteer?

Anyone 18 and older can volunteer. Some of the positions must be filled by EOOC members (General Manager, banker, cashier, countroom supervisor) but others can be filled by anyone. So members’ family and friends are welcome to apply. More information Here section 3.1.1 to 3.7.2.

Do I need any special skills?

In spite of lofty titles, all jobs can be handled with a few minutes training from our paid on-site advisors.  Money counting uses modern machines.. data is recorded and cross-checked automatically on computer.

How long are the shifts?

Daytime shifts go from about 10:15AM to 6:30PM
Evening shifts from about 6:15PM to 4:00AM
Night owl shift in the count room from 11:30PM to 4:00AM

Are there any perks?

In addition to munchies and drinks in the secure volunteer lounge, all volunteers have an open, non alcoholic, free tab at the Casino restaurant / snack bar. Plan to dine out on us!

Perhaps some quiet time to catch up on a project (book you want to finish reading?)

A security guard escort to vehicle after your late shift if you would like.
[but you are NOT allowed to gamble or drink alcohol during your shift]

How do I sign up?

Here’s the link to sign up:

What should I do if my favourite role has been filled?

Pick one of the back-up spots or click the BLUE box at the end of the form to send a message.

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