Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club
Special Resolution #3

Amendments to Motion #2, passed on January 21, 2017.

Add to Article 2 – Definitions
“audited” means any financial reviews, statements or submissions as requested by the Society’s Act or the Liquor and Gaming Commission.  It does not mean an audit in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures.

Delete Article 5.8 and Article 3

Add Article 3 as follows:
Article 3 – Bylaw Changes
3.1    Special Resolutions
Special Resolutions are required for changes to the Objectives and Purposes of the Club, amendments to its Bylaws, and for other matters as specified in the Act. A Special Resolution is defined in Section 1(d) of the Act.

Change Article 6.3, paragraph 4 as follows:
Change “A Director ceases to hold office…” to “A Director or Officer ceases to hold office…”

Change Article 7.4, paragraph 1 as follows:
Change “The General Books of the society must be reviewed once a year.” to “The General Books of the society must be audited once a year.

Change Article 7.4, paragraph 2 as follows:
Change “The Gaming Books of the society must be reviewed once a year.” to “The Gaming Books of the Society must be audited once a year.”
Delete “These books are reviewed by Gaming and are not audited by the club’s auditors.”

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