Membership and O-Pass Information

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You can participate in EOOC orienteering events as an annual member or as a ‘member-for-a-day’.  Annual membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

To become an annual member you complete a registration form, sign a waiver and pay a yearly fee (see below for fees). This annual membership includes membership in the Alberta Orienteering Association (AOA), which is affiliated with Orienteering Canada. The AOA  makes our forest maps, sanctions our forest events, provides officials certification and organizes training camps. In November the AOA puts on a retreat for its members with a range of talks and discussions of interest to its members. Orienteering Canada provides the club with liability insurance, develops rules, manuals and guidelines for putting on forest events, officials certification and coaching.

EOOC annual membership includes other benefits such as:
– maps for city orienteering events (such as the regular Wednesday evening events) are only $5/map;
– you can purchase an O-Pass, which further reduces the cost for a map, and speeds you past registration lines;
– reduced price for maps at forest events;
– discounts at orienteering events world-wide;
– free attendance at the yearly AOA November retreat;
– discounts at a few retail stores in Edmonton.

Annual membership Fee:
$25/individual or
$35/household* (*household = those resident at the same address).
Fee includes membership of Alberta Orienteering Association, as well as EOOC.

Payment options:
on line with credit card.
– cash at any EOOC event
– cheque made out to ‘Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club’, which can be handed in at any event or mailed to: EOOC Box 69082, EDMONTON T6V 1G7

At each event you attend that is held in the city (such as our Wednesday evening events) you fill out a registration form and then pay $10 for your day-only membership. Included in this $10 is one map. The cost for an additional map for a couple or family going out together is $5/map. Maps may be shared, but we recommend that everyone has their own to get the most fun and the best experience. The cost of a forest day-membership is usually higher than $10.

Season O-Pass:
EOOC annual members may, if they wish, buy in addition to their annual membership, an optional Wednesday evening season “O-Pass”.
– save money,
– save stress (you don’t have to search for cash each week)
– save time – O-pass holders can use an express line to collect their maps
– make it easier for the volunteer registrars

There are 2 options:
– single O-pass per household or
– multiple O-pass per household

Single O-Pass – $45 This pass entitles the member to ONE map per Wednesday event.
A household may buy a single O-Pass – $45; you may share the map or any one club member in the household may use it. The pass is not transferable outside the club members in the household, and is non-refundable.

Multiple O-Pass – $80 This pass entitles the EOOC member household to maps at every Wednesday event for each of the members of the household who are EOOC members. The pass is not transferable outside the members in the household, and is non-refundable.

When are the passes available to purchase?
Passes are available for annual members to purchase until  May 17, 2019.

Where can I buy one?
You can buy your O-Pass with your membership, or after buying your membership.
Or you can send a cheque made out to “Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club” to:
EOOC, Box 69082, Edmonton, T6V 1G7
Or bring your money/cheque to any of the Wednesday events up to and including May 15, 2019.

You must be an annual member to buy an O-Pass.
Annual members do not have to buy an O-Pass; they may buy a map for $5 each time if they prefer.

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If you have questions about memberships, please contact the EOOC Membership Secretary

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