What is Orienteering?

ORIENTEERING involves using a special detailed map to choose and follow the best route from one control (checkpoint) to the next. ‘Best’ route depends on YOU; it could be the shortest, or flattest, or smoothest or driest, or least prickly or the most certain to find the control easily. It all depends on skill level and physical ability and personal preference. 

It is important to keep the map oriented with the terrain. Often, especially in the City Parks, this can be done by lining up obvious, visible features, such as a trail or a river, with the corresponding features on the map. In the forest, where obvious features may not be visible, lining up the north arrows on the map with a compass needle does the job. Illustration

Orienteering can be enjoyed by all as a sport or as a recreational activity. You can RUN, JOG or HIKE the course. You can do it ON YOUR OWN, WITH A FRIEND or AS A FAMILY. (In a competition, the competitive orienteer has to compete on his/her own, but there will usually also be recreational courses for hikers, couples and families).

For the competitive orienteer, fastest one round the course (loop), wins. For the recreational orienteer, there is the personal satisfaction of finding the controls, at the same time as having an enjoyable hike, jog or run through the woods.

Participants of any age or experience are welcome at all Edmonton Orienteering events. Every event, from a low-key city park event to a major championship, has instruction included in the entry fee and an easy course/loop for beginners.

You don’t need special equipment to get started – just wear clothes suitable for the weather and old comfy shoes. For forest events, as a safety precaution, you must carry a whistle – bring your own if you have one.  Fees at forest events include rental of SPORTident electronic timing card, compass and whistle if you don’t have your own.

The Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club runs regular events in city parks and in the forest, from mid May until September. Just turn up at the place and time indicated in the schedule.  

New to orienteering? Check out the  Beginners’ Clinic page and the Hints and Tips section

Latest News:

New! 2017 Adult Intro to Orienteering Classes

Interested in orienteering but want to get a grasp on the basics? We’ve got the course from you! This EOOC course has two options: four-week beginner course or two-week refresher for those with some experience. The course runs Thursday nights in March. (Now starting on March 9th.) Click here for more information and to register! Tell your friends!

Did you know you can now buy your membership online?

Get ready for the 2017 orienteering season the hassle-free way by getting your EOOC membership online. (And don’t forget your O-pass, available until March 31 at the early bird rate!) Find out more details on the membership page or skip right to registration here if you’re already convinced.

Orienteering made the ParticipACTION 150 Play List!

Check out their website here for details on the different activities (and a contest!) What a great excuse to try out orienteering or bring a friend who’s never been. We can’t wait until the orienteering season starts! Did you know that each Wednesday event has a beginner level course, in addition to the medium and difficult courses? (As well as friendly faces to give you a quick tutorial.) You can also see the information to the left, the Beginners’ Clinic page and the Hints and Tips section.

January 2017 edition of Orienteering Canada’s Newsletter here









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