2004 Elk Island Rogaine Results

June 12, 2004

Maximum possible score 2,520.  49 controls. 52km2.  Weather: continuous rain and cool (high of 11.1o)

Participants from:  Halifax, Vancouver, Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina, North Battleford, Wadena &  Prince Albert), Jasper, Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer, Calgary, St Albert & Edmonton.

10 hour event




1 1620

Scott Pennell, Jennifer Saville

1st overall, 1st mixed 
2 1470 Gary Eggen, Mark Woodhouse 1st men's
3 1380 Gabrielle Savard, Clarence Kort 1st mixed masters
4 1300 Olaf Jensen, Dave Critchley .
5 1030 Kristine Saugen, Eric Mosher mixed
6 990 Kim Kasperski, Mary-Lou Hogg 1st women's masters
7 940 Shauna Blackburn, Kerry Kennedy 1st women
8 920 Don Merriam, Ronk Monk 1st men's masters

Trivia:  all 49 controls visited at least once.  Top two teams each visited 30 controls.


 6 hour:       

1 920 David Lilley, Ken H 1st overall
2 830 Doug Dowell, Judy Cornish 1st Mixed Masters
3 780 Sheila Baker, Don Riddle 1st mixed
4 740 Mark Rosin, M Gareau, S Rogozinski, M Haffey, W Desjarlais  
5 700 Gene Brenda, Garry Atchison 1st Men's masters
6 650 Rick Mooney, Colleen Mooney, Einar Viddal mixed
7 550 Chris and Colleen Davison mixed
8 490 Tony B, Brian G  
9 450 E Lynn, A Funk, B Garston, A Veitch, A Rowley 1st mixed cadets
10 450 Pat K, James D  
11 440 Greg Henderson, Sarah Lord mixed
12 400 Kathy Hill, Darren Hogarth mixed
13 370 Douglas & Cathy Borland mixed masters
14 330 D Dierker, L Thomas, T Bonneville, S Boucher, C Dolph mixed cadets
15 320 Donna & Dwaine Heudes mixed
16 290 G Cheeseman, S Kinequon, L Weikle, V Thomas, C Allison mixed cadets
17 180 I Berns, B Hansen, A Krieger, J Bird mixed cadets
18 170 Belinda Chu, Steven L, Ian P, Dai & Keegan J mixed
19 150 Glen K, Corey S  
  ?150 Daniel & Denny M  
20 130 Norma Keiller, Marleen Hanson, Kelly Jerrott 1st women's masters
21 130 M Weikle, D Wojcichowski, G Bonneville, H Huziak, K Kayseas mixed cadets
22 120 B Clancy, P Stewart, K Bird, B McKay mixed cadets
   50 Bill R, David R  
    R Bonneville, S Urton, S Duchak, Stanley, J Ross mixed cadets

Trivia:  maximum points available for 6 hour event was 1,870 from 39 controls.  3 of the 39 controls were not visited by any 6 hour team.  Winning team went to 19.

Masters category teams have all members 40 or older.
Placing for tied points is determined by check-in time.


Event organiser & course planner: Geraint Edmunds, COF Level 3 official.
Chef: Cheryl Atchison
Registrar:  Marilyn Edmunds
Other helpers:  Don Scott,  Greg Yarkie, Mary-Lou Hogg.
Thanks to Ales, Vendi, David, Jody, Wayne, Mary-Lou, Don, Beth & Einar for picking up the controls after the event.